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  2. Created a post yesterday about the website being slow lately now the post is gone? Will this post disappear too?
  3. How many junk lines could you hang off the back of the Kaho!
  4. What Gator said, and head up Buttonwood Creek in the evening with surface lures for largemouths, likely the same up Salmon Creek when you start to get into the wetlands more. Also, if the lake is not rough, the flats just outside the bay produce smallmouths, and carp if you can get into that, early season. Also, take a look at any stormwater ponds on campus, these often get colonized by largemouths and I have seen some surprisingly big ones in relatively small ponds. You are also not that far from Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge and the Oak Orchard FWMA, both have good spots to kayak fish.
  5. Great fish. Out of curiosity how long was the fish? Will look great on the wall.
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  7. My trollmaster treats me fine. Works perfect. Simple to use.
  8. I would love to get some of the original all glow blanks I only have 2 left that my father taped up years ago and they still catch fish but I'm afraid to lose them Haha. Sent from my SM-G950U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Well-maintained rig. Good luck with sale! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Most events are at all time lows except for the Canadian event in the Spring. In that event the entry fee is very low. It's also a "near shore" tourney where smaller boats feel safer. That time of year the Walleye fishery is not open on Erie, so they pull some Lake Erie teams up. Tournament fishing is what upped our level over the years. Not going out of the same port or two every weekend. You can go to seminars all winter, read up on LOU, and scroll Facebook all you want for the hottest lures, techniques, and ports. Time on the water in a controlled time format against some of the best fisherman is what makes you better. The days where you go out and slam 40 fish and get your hero shots you learn nothing. The days you struggle and fine tune your spread is when you pick up on the subtleties that matter at times. These fantastic years of fishing we've had the last few years are making all of us dumb fisherman. It's too easy at times and you can put anything in the water and catch them.
  11. Just a little update. I told him once the BBB was done doing their thing I was taking him to the local magistrate. He got right back to me and said he would send $200 for compensation. Even though through no fault of mine it has cost me months of delays and more cash than that I took the deal. It was easier than going through all the headache of the local magistrate. Once he responded to the BBB I could respond with an "issue has been resolved". OK. So yesterday he calls me and asks if I got the engine running, hows the oil pressure, is it quiet. I said it is running but only revs to 2800 and that I believe the wrong prop is on the boat or I need a new fuel pump but other than that I think it sounds ok. Then he says he just got notified that I filed a complaint through the BBB and that if I didn't retract my complaint that he was voiding the warranty on the engine. I said that as soon as he responded to the BBB that they will contact me and that I would list the complaint as resolved. At 1:00 in the morning I get a text saying I had 24 hours to contact the BBB or he was voiding my warranty and that he recorded our call with me saying that the engine was running and that it had oil pressure. I really don't care that he recorded it (even though it is illegal to record a conversation in Pa without both parties consent). I don't however like being blackmailed to lose my warranty if I don't contact the BBB in 24 hours. I told him that and he responded that he didn't need me to because i text him that i would and he was taking that to the BBB so he doesn't need me anymore and that my warranty was officially voided. lol Again "Industrial Engine and machine" Canton Oh. Jeff is the guys name. Businesses like his are why the BBB is here. To protect buyers from losing money to shady businesses.
  12. Amish outfitter spectra line is white.
  13. This was going to be my exact post except for I've been using my black and decker for at least 20+ years and its still the original set of blades. I've used it on every type of panfish, bass, pike, trout and who knows what else. The new Bubba cordless look very inviting but that sure is a lot of new fishing lures.
  14. it would be almost impossible to cheat in this tournament considering there is an observer on board, which is randomly exchanged. I wondered why numbers were low since they get a big crowd on the Canadian side. I personally loved how fast the weigh in and prize give out went. I had my salmon slam check 30 minutes after weigh in finished. I thought it was well run and had a great time. The women running weigh in and registration did a wonderful job. We are team Dances With Fish and know very few if anyone up there, but everyone was extremely friendly and the facility and restaurant were great. On a side note we had a LOC king 21.4 ounces and my father didn’t register for the LOC on Wednesday, love you dad!?. Also my stubbornness gets the best of me and I allow myself to rely on yesterday fish instead of finding a brand new batch. I had a good bite from 140 to 220 out of Wilson for a few days with bigger fish but poof they vanished my opinion is I think they go to bottom and lay there.
  15. I wish it was hivis but I'm using the green. I just replaced it this year and I'm using 200# Sent from my XT1585 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  16. are you using the regular Power Pro or the downrigger? Color?
  17. The small alternators on kickers don’t keep up with the draw used trolling especially with high speed riggers. What position is your battery switch in? Best bet is to run 1 or 2 position not in “both”. When you run “both” the weaker battery draws down the better battery. Also how old are your batteries? I’ve had older batteries that load test as good when fully charged, but then discharge quickly. 3 years is roughly the life expectancy of a battery. Your Honda should have an alternator. I had a Honda and the alternator output feed was an option sold separately. So check your wiring to see if it has been wired in to your electrical system. With fully charged batteries, you should be able to run all day on a single battery with your second battery as a backup. Between trips charge the battery. My next kicker will have a larger alternator for sure.
  18. Location? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  19. Lots of water to explore in Braddock's Bay. There's a public car top launch immediately prior to the marina on the East side off East Manitou Road (Manitou Beach Road is the West side). The edges are all cattail on the South side and there's usually spots to tuck in with wind. Long Pond has always been more catfish, sheephead, pike and sometimes a walleye for me. Buck can get sloppy, but there's bucketmouths in there. All the above are good suggestions, too. I'll also mention the lower section of Oak Orchard, but x2 on staying off the big pond. Smallmouth fishing isn't what it used to be and it can get dangerous fast out there.
  20. Congratulations fishstix . This was as always a nice derby to fish. Looks like your onto something that may payoff next week, good luck.
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