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Jakey Baby Sandy Creek Shootout

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Friday we left the dock at 5:15 for essentially the first time with my new boat. We headed east out of the shoot looking for at least one good King for the Big Fish Friday. We set down in 80 fow off of Cowsucker Creek with an unbelievable screen. Lots of fish marked but couldn't get any thing to go, so we moved to deeper water. Once we got into 200 fow we started having action, putting a variety of fish in the boat. Around 10:30 the rigger fired pulling a Fuller SSW and we put a 19.83 king in the net which was good for 5th place.

Saturday we decided to go back to that same spot 1st thing in the morning and try and get those fish to go again on the inside. 530 we started setting lines in the water. I put the center rigger down 45 and it fires with in the first 30 sec. The reel starting screaming and then gone! The over 20lb king jumped twice behind the boat to rub it in and was gone! 5 mins later the 150 diver starts jackin and peeling line, then gone! We finally landed our first King of the morning off the 90 rigger pulling the same Fuller SSW. Shortly later we look at the starboard diver and it was gone!! The rod holder snaped for some reason, not a fish! I quickly poped the rigger and somehow magically caught the wire on the cheater!! We pulled the untripped diver in without any tangles and just set in the rod holder to regroup from what had just happened. With in 5 mins that very same diver starts pumping and we have another King on!! We ended up landing that fish to put two kings and a laker in the box. Short while later the other rigger pulling a NK fires with our 3rd King of the morning! By this time it was 9:30 and we had the rest of the day to upgrade our Laker to a King and we had a good feeling we could finish in the top 5. Well that never happened as we rotted for the rest of the day, caught a bunch of fish but nothing that would improve our box. Pulled rods shortly after 1:30 Knowing our box probably wasn't going to be good enough to top the great competition I knew was out there. To our suprise after we weighed in we were sitting in 1st place!!! But still very nervous because we knew Trout-N-About still hadn't weighed yet. As they came to the scale we knew they had a good box!! We were lucky enough to top them by 2 lbs and WIN our first tournament!! To say we were ecstatic would be an understatement. I want to say a huge thank you to my team because there is no way that win would have happened without them!! And a big thanks to Rob, Scott and Keith for another awsome job!


-Team Jakey Baby-

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congrats on the win! I had some misfortunes also... net over board not sure how the net guy throws it overboard but it happened lol! (we had a fish go nuts by the back riggers and my buddy set the net down to help clear a rod)... shootout morning buddy walks right off the dock at SC launch (double d was there) then later that morning snap dipsey rod off untangling inline planer board from wire, the icing on the cake was sunday morning fishing a mile west of braddocks and seeing how fast lake o can change her tune. flat sea to what my crew considered to be 5-6 footers and the lake looked white from all of the cappers. needless to say that was a long and tenuous 8 mile trip back to port!

in retrospect we should have targeted lakers given the tough king fishing..oh well.

Congrats again! gotta luv fuller spoons!

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