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custom down riggers weights

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Here are the pictures of the custom down rigger weights that bikinibottom is selling. they come in weight sizes from 12lbs to 16lbs. Custom painted and storage box.

I been running these weights for 2 yrs now and I love them they track straight and little drag.post-139484-0-46650100-1420660474_thumb.jpgpost-139484-0-20747000-1420660501_thumb.jpgpost-139484-0-90079600-1420660540_thumb.jpgpost-139484-0-47442400-1420660567_thumb.jpgpost-139484-0-72382200-1420660604_thumb.jpgpost-139484-0-47384400-1420660637_thumb.jpg

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Damn!!! They look like sharks for 1/3 of the cost, and I've been looking for 12# weights. Thanks for sharing, PAP.

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Those weights look very good. They resemble the shape of tuna which is the most hydro-dynamically designed of all fish so they should glide through the water nicely :yes:

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