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Legacy- 2015 Deer Season


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Same here in Kendal. I've hunted 5x seen deer once. Usually i see deer all the time. Just a different yr. My neighbor shot a 150" Saturday night. Only buck he saw. The guys who are seeing them are the hot areas. I know it is to be warm but they should be moving thos week with the rut.

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I've been hunting my "new" property the past 10 days and things have really been kicking into high gear with multiple bucks sparring in front of me, some smaller basket eight points, and many doe but I was blessed to harvest this cool looking "crab claw" 10 pointer yesterday at 1:30 in the afternoon during 15-25 mph winds.....

Good luck boys/ladies. This thread has been fantastic.

Congrats to Rob and Dan on your awesome bucks as well and for keeping this thread so exciting!

Be safe men,




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They are starting to fall like dominos. I was fortunate enough to harvest this 8 (once a 9) point last eveing. I know of 2 other good bucks shot yesterday as well. I chose to go to a set that is in a small 20 yard strip of hardwoods between a hay field and a thicket with a few apple trees in it. This guy came down the edge of the thicket around 5:15 and 10 or 15 minutes behind a pair of yearlings. I have hundreds of pictures of this buck and not one of them in daylight, he was definitely in seek mode. The pictures I have show he lost his kicker sometime between the night of 10/23 and 10/24. I made a good shot on him and he ran straight into the thicket, I gave him just over an hour and went after him. When I found him 50 yards from where he had been shot the coyotes had already eaten a hole into the entry wound and opened up a hole in the stomach and started gutting him for me. They have now moved up my hitlist to just below focusing on helping getting a buck for my daughter. Good luck and safe hunting.









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Could've fooled me......

I might shoot the next big squirrel I see... To top it all off the rut is on and the landowner who's property I hunt says her neighbors been riding his 4 wheeler around next to their line around 5 o'clock every night for the past few nights. Sitting here 4:50 he comes walking through checking the stands we have up to see if anyone's hunting. Going over to talk to my buddies dad about hunting 75 acres near Macedon he offered up last weekend after hearing snow this guy. There's always good deer here but I'm sick of the BS from the neighbor for no reason.
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Nice guys, just passed by an absolute giant buck trotting along a field just south of Dundee. Sitting here on 14a with a flat tire on a trailer that I borrowed wish I had hunted tonight! Got help coming of course I didn't bring a spare! Lol

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November 2, 2015 Big 9pt down!



H 58 degrees Low 40 degrees

Mostly sunny

SW win 5-8mph

Bar 30.03


The forecast predicted a picture perfect morning to be in the deer woods and it truly was. Not many stands I rather be in then the one I picked this morning. I hunted there on Saturday evening and saw a 1.5 year old six pt, 2.5 year old 7pt, and 2.5 year old 8 pt. 3 bucks in one night, sounds like a tell tale sign of the rut to me. Sunday morning I headed to the same property but to the other end. At about 730ish I heard the continuous sound of rustling leaves. The sound led me to a small, swaying tree about 80 yards away with a buck thrashing it. A quick look in the binocs confirmed he was a shooter. 4 points with Good mass on his right side and odd porcupine goofy 4pt rack on his left. Eventually he gave me a 20 yard shot and I BLEW IT!!! I left the woods on Sunday morning with my head down, pouting…


The plan this morning was to head to the same property but hunt the opposite end. There’s no “perfect†wind for the stand but I prefer westerly. With the Southwest wind my thought was to freshen up one of the three dead scrapes with Code Blue Scrape Mate that are 30 yards directly south of me. My hope was to help hide myself in case something came from downwind. Well it had work. At first light, the big 9 point come from downwind, b- lines it for the scrapes, and tears them up! As he leaves them he’s less than 20 yards broadside moving from left to right and I’m thinking he’s gonna pass right in front of me. Perfect! Well, of course not! He decides to make a hard left, quartering away from me. A quick mouth grunt and I released an arrow. The Nocturnal lighted nock told me that shot look good but the arrow didn’t pass through. The buck took off with about half of the arrow was sticking out of his rib cage. He ran 100mph, out into the field, and back into the woods about 100-150 yards until he was out of sight. Because I didn’t see him fall, I decided it was best to give him time. I was in full doe hunting mode. About an hour later a 1.5 year old 6pt approaches the scrape line and works his magic. It was cool to see two bucks in the same day work that scrape line after I doctored one of them up. An hour and a half after the shot, I had to get down. I collected my gear. Analyzed the impact site and it was splattered with blood. I was hoping to see a dead body in the field but unfortunately not. I walked the field to the spot where I thought he was headed and there he was. Belly up 20 yards in. He was shot @ 23 yards quartering away from right to left. Rage Hypodermic (with a nasty entrance hole) jellied both lungs.

Good looking buck. 9pt 4 on the left 5 on the right with a kicker (non scoreable) on his g2. Ive had him on the cameras for two seasons now. Last year he broke off his right antler at the base a week before the season opened. 


Video from this season

Video from last year











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Could've fooled me......

I'm with you. Things have been REAL slow for me. After a long drought of not seeing a deer I finally managed to get a shot off at an 8 tonight. 25 yards slightly quartering away. He ducked and I watched the lighted noc fly right over his back. Then sat and watched it "stare" at me for the next 1.5 hours.

Congrats to everyone who has taken bucks this week. This thread helps me get through the long sits with no action

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Matt I think your hard work will be rewarded.

Difference between hunting and trolling is you can always move your boat but with hunting you hunt what you have.

I'm not sure the places I have to hunt are the greatest there is but its what I have and you make the best of it.

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