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Legacy- 2015 Deer Season


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never over call,, in a 4 hr sit i will do at most 2 (blind) calls( blind = calls with no bucks in sight) also first thing in am and almost last light have best response...I have shot my biggest deer on the edge of wood line with a bow ..and many with gun too...good luck

What do you like for calls ? (estrus can, grunt call, etc).

I usually use the estrus can first thing when I get in my stand and settled then sparotically through the rest of the day. I will ocasionally add some grunt calls at the end to mix it up.

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I use a true talker,,i can adjust the grunt tone from a young buck to a mature by moving finger placement ...I have been lucky enuf to spend many many more hours in the woods than the normal (I aint normal) person.....but i learned more about white tail behavior in one trip to a private farm in Indiana....I saw trophy and imature bucks and all age does interact in 5 hours than i have whitnessed in one place in the previous 40 years hunting...i never heard a doe bleet ,buck roar and snort,,buck groan,sneeze or fart...just suttle grunts from spikes to smashers. the grunt   timing change and intensity between when they were doing their "hey im here come get me"      .....to....," ok im on yer ass and yer mine if you ever slow down"...dont get me wrong deer have a pretty large vocabulary including the "bleet" but i have never heard a doe bleet and 1 let alone 20 bucks coma runnin....I was blessed with 6 more week to 10 day hunts( Opening day gun and 1 bow hunt) there before my friend passed.....over the next 7 years....if some one told you I saw 15 to 20 different bucks from 1 stand in 4 hours and at least 10 were smashers you would walk away wondering what dream they were in ....well i have hours of video from that tree with what i saw in almost disbelief being a NY woods hunter. Some hunting skills can be taught ,,but most are or should be taught from your mistakes when hunting......When i close my van door the hunt starts not when i get to my stand ....I listen to every sound,,,,in the dark, I daylight,,try to see every thing from a old print,fresh print,nibbled brouse,broken spyder webs , branches,i dont look out and see trees i see the opening between the trees. well either im full of crap or i have pruf in the pudding.......pay attention to every thing you see hear or smell,,, that twig you thought you heard might be a big buck thinkin,, dam i steped on another one and stand like a statue for 5 min......here enjoy what i have been blessed with .............Ray......too many to post here are a fewpost-139681-0-70880200-1446858588_thumb.jpg














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the cold front has arrived. 45 degrees, I'll take it. Hopefully this kicks things into high gear. Busted up a buck and doe bedding in an open hedgerow on my walk in this morning. Had a visitor to the stand while it was still dark. and a small buck walking around in the field. busy morning so far.

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