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MVP spoon 2016


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Hey fellas! I look forward to these posts every year. It's fun to see if there's a lakewide trend as well as a starting point for many new anglers. Since no one else started one I'll kick it off!
1: carbon 14 was king all year every trip
2: dw 42nd
3: dirty white boy
Honorable mention: lemon ice
So what worked for you?!?!?
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I put my stats together on Sunday DW standard Green alewife took 29%, Seasick waddler in many different sizes and UV took 22%, 42nd spoon 16%, Carbon 14 and Glow frog, tied at 9%.

I didn't start keeping a good log until july, actually lost may and  June stats, Crab face was really productive early in the year.

Haven't done our flasher flies yet.

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Revolution spoons....any of them. The action of them is what does it and very speed tolerant.

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Once I got some Geezer's from ASB last year they were by far my most consistent spoon.  I got both the original Moonshine ones and a Stinger imitation and both did lights out.  But my meat catch went up pretty good last year, Big weening tribal flashers really shined there.

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