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Legacy- 2017 Deer Season


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Figured I’d share this pic and story since it just came up on Facebook (and since i don’t have any new stories to tell lol). 10 years ago today i killed my first deer in Yaak Montana, 13 years old. My dads buddy that I’m with in this picture (not known for being the greatest shot) had shot the twin about 5 minutes before came over the radio and told us he’d hit a buck, after his second or third shot we stood up to go help him and this deer came running by. My uncle grunted and he came right back to about 40 yards staring right at us. I remember like it was yesterday watching my crosshairs circling around his chest and pulling the trigger to “lead” my excitement. Deer flipped over backwards and ran about 20 yards.Image1511352735.692323.jpg

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November 21 pm- BBD
58 degrees
SW wind 10 mph with gusts to 20
Clear skies


This morning’s hunt went quiet after 730 and I figured this afternoon's hunt wouldn't be much different. Probably not the most ideal location for a morning but I hunted stand overlooking a cut bean field. Over the years I have seen deer pass that stand multiple times during the morning hours headed to bed. Today would prove to be one of those days as I saw 2 shooters from that stand this morning. One was an 8pt that went into the directly across the field from me 200 yards. I have seen him come in and out of that spot at least 10 times this year. The other buck passed by me in the dark in the morning about 650 am. By his silhouette I knew he was a mature buck but I couldn't see antlers on him in the dark. He walked through the field and went into the woods just up from me about 60 yards. With zero action for over two hours I left the stand, I moved a camera (that is seeing very little action), and headed home. Some really great weather for November unless of course you're a hunter. It is borderline "hot" with temps almost 60 degrees and breezy, less than ideal conditions for the pm hunt. But its deer season and it’s tough not to be in a tree. After this morning’s sit, I convinced myself that I witnessed two shooters head for their beds and I needed to go right back to that same set. I climbed back into the tree at 2-230 and impatiently waited. Yes I said impatiently. I figured with the conditions, all of the action would be in the last hour. Well at 415 the first deer made its way onto the cut bean field. Doe fawn. Slowly deer started to show up for their evening appearance. A fawn popped out woods next to me, winds me, and takes off. Then I notice a deer directly across from me, on the edge of the thicket, slowly making its way out to the field. It's the 8pt again. I put the binoculars on him to confirm and yup. I can’t help to tell myself again that this deer has been too visible and is going to make a mistake at some point. All of my attention is on him and he is just feeding towards me in the field. I notice something grabbed his attention. I can only hope that as crazy as the wind is, that he hasn't winded me. I start to look around trying to see what he’s seeing and a buck walks out just up from me about 70 yards. Giant body. Its’ too thick on the field edge to see antlers but it’s easy to assume he is a mature buck. Once I get a glance at antler, that is all it takes, and my heart starts to pound. Pounding out of my chest. Gotta love that feeling! Luckily the buck stays put long enough to get my heart back to a controlled rhythm. I stand up, adjust my scope to full power, put the crosshairs on him, and wait for a clear shot. I reposition myself and rest my gun on the neighboring tree, and anticipate him heading directly out into the field. By this time the 8pt from the other side of the field has now made his way halfway across and is heading right for him. The buck walks onto the field into my crosshairs, and I mouth grunt to get him to stop. He doesn't stop. I grunt again, louder and nothing. The third time I practically yell and he still doesn't stop. I'm thinking WTF. I squeeze the trigger, he mule kicks, tries to take a step, and plows into the ground ten yards away. He's a busted up, tree rubbing, giant bodied, mature 8pt and I am happy to have had the encounter end in my favor. 

He was not the one I was after and I say that with no disrespect. The one I have been after has been a ghost, as they tend to be. I have put eyes on that ghost buck once possibly twice within close proximity of that stand (as I glassed from another stand on the property). That "ghost" buck was the reason my butt was in that spot. So thank you “ghost buck”!


Image may contain: 1 person, tree, grass, outdoor and nature


Image may contain: 1 person, tree, outdoor and nature


Image may contain: 1 person, tree, outdoor and nature

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November 23 pm

36 degrees

WNW wind 10-20

partly cloudy


Zero movement yesterday afternoon until about 430 and then deer were every where. I put eyes on 20+ deer. 4 bucks (2- 1.5 year old, 1- 2.5 year old, and a absolute stud). Although every doe was scent checked by every buck that entered the field, food was everyone's main concern. FOOD, FOOD, FOOD

I blew a chance at a big doe because she spotted me in the tree. I think she may be a doe that had busted me last week and I think she checked to see if I was in the stand as she stepped out of the thicket. I was so she turned around and went back in and showed up 100+ yards down the field instead. 

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