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Legacy- 2017 Deer Season

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November 24 pm

57 degrees

SW wind 15 mph becoming calm

Partly sunny


Zero deer action until 430 tonight and then they showed up everywhere. Unfortunately I had to deal with trespassers tonight. I had a guy walking across my field at 4pm. I waved to him with my blaze orange hat like a lunatic but he wouldn't come to me. He walked from my neighbors posted property on to my posted piece and then onto the other neighbors post property. He shot at a small buck that went by him three times. I grabbed all my stuff and got down. The guy cut across the field and wouldn't get near me. And then another guy popped out of the woods. They did a great job of avoiding me and they ducked back into the neighbors posted property. Wtf. I hate this stuff.


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Ive had terrible issues like this in recent years.  My lease is up against a great farm that I also hunt with permission, but the farmer didnt monitor his property so everyone hunted it.  Of course many ended wandering over to my side screwing up much of what I can hunt. Finally one these  "hunters" made the mistake of harassing the farmer.  This year he has put up locked gates and made it clear to all but a couple they arent welcome.  The few that have permission other than us dont have gate keys.  Not surprisingly we had the best season in a long while shooting 2 good bucks and layed on eyes on THE buck.  Opening day we all passed bucks and 2 hunters passed 6. I saw a rut this year like one ive never seen my entire life.  This is the first time i didnt have people constantly pressuring and felt like i didnt have to be there all the time patrolling the line.  It feels good knowing I can give the place a break till the late season and have a chance deer to hunt in daylight.  We should have tougher laws pertaining to tresspassing on private land.  We put so much time and effort into having the type of hunting we want only to have some slob screw it up.  I dont care what kind of buck you put your tag on but take the time to set up a place to hunt where you have permission and STAY there...or go hunt state land!!!

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Nice deer guys.

Billy your kids can make "deer horn chandeliers" with all the horns they get now.

Tboo------Todd Nice one.......Can't wait to see it at farm soon

HOLY CRAP Rob that is a wild Buck you got there   BIG CONGRATS to you and Hunter  !!!!!!!!!!!


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Way to go guys! Beautiful deer.


I had a guy go in at 7:30 this morning and bump all of the deer from the field where they were feeding. Instead of them walking past at a leisurely stroll like they did yesterday when I didn't want to shoot one, they ran past flags up at 120 yards today when I did. I'm not sure why guys can't get into the woods before it's light, but who knows? Maybe there's a legit reason. Either way, not my property so it doesn't matter. But it still sucks to see all of your game hightailing it back into the swamp en masse 20 minutes into shooting time.

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