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Kevin J Legg

Tagged out early

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I have mixed feelings on taking a decent buck this morning. On one hand it's the best buck I've killed on this property but it's very early in the season and my buck tags are filled. I do have doe tags for 6g and a doe late muzzleloader tag but don't intend to fill them.

I was watching a doe and two fawns in a big grass field at 8:00 this morning when I heard a grunt and shortly this guy walked up.

Hopefully we will have some nice weather so I can sit some watches with my wife (she's a fair weather hunter) and my son will be up for Thanksgiving.

Guess I'll be doing more waterfowl hunting and some perch fishing this fall.




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Always bitter sweet being tagged out. When it’s spitting rain sideways and cold, you will be inside by a warm fire making sausage. 

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I would take that deer anytime it gave me a shot. thats a nice buck to have this early in the season. its kida like the old saying, don't leave fish to find fish. in other words don't pass on a nice buck unless you know bigger bucks are in your area.


I got a little 10 pointer on the 2nd day of hunting back 37 yrs ago. I hunt public land and any deer is a good deer. i've taken a few other bucks but nothing better than that 1st little 10 I got. just be thankful your not having license stew this yr.

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Congrats Kevin.  That's a darn nice buck there.  This time of year is hard because the rut is starting but the walleye bite is good also. 

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