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Land locks vs kings

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I agree with nick here. Kings are a dime a dozen big landlocked Atlantics are far more appreciated in my book! As far as fishing them it's very similar to fishing kings. One thing to remember is if you can catch quantity while trolling drop your baits down deeper and often you'll find the bigger ones there!

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Although both kings and Atlantics are both salmon, they are quite different in both genetics and habits. Kings are Pacific salmon of which there are numerous varieties. Atlantic salmon are more closely related to Brown trout genetically than to the Pacific salmon. In terms of their habits they are more closely aligned with the Pacific salmon as they are "roamers" and follow many of the "suspended" in the water column traits of the Pacific salmon, while Brown trout are often thought of as more bottom oriented much of the time, and are not as prone to roaming other than possibly during the Spring when in the shallows feeding

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