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SharkHunter 3/27- shakedown

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Rolled out of bear creek an was surprised with a nice mixed bag of fish, we had coho, Atlantic an browns. Stayed in the deeper water 14-24fow despite the colder temps 37- 38.7 where a nice mud line was an the fish wanted to be. Bright colors were the tickets with the sun yesterday, sticks- coho crusher, highschool, bt candy, low rider, my secret, Dreamweaver, get ur done and stinger sir walleye in spoons. Only kept three small browns rest swim to fight another day. 

Good luck to all this season. IMG_20190327_072658.jpegIMG_20190327_084137.jpegIMG_20190327_084247.jpegIMG_20190327_135307.jpegIMG_20190327_104829.jpegIMG_20190327_120438.jpegIMG_20190327_120511.jpegIMG_20190327_131635.jpegIMG_20190327_164735.jpegIMG_4750.jpegIMG_20190327_125622.jpegIMG_20190327_094503.jpeg


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