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Legacy -The 2019 Season-


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19 minutes ago, scobar said:

Saturday took my 2nd doe and saw a pack of 4 coyotes, yotes were spread out in about a 50 yard circle working through the woods, no shot with the smoke pole but pretty cool to see. 

a week from today they will become my primary focus!!!!

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I plan to be back at it this pm. Trying to decide on cut corn, cut beans, or winter wheat???

I’m hunting the sanctuary I have not stepped foot in this sixty some odd acres all year ,next to green fields, and cut corn , climbed up a pine, something I haven’t done in ten years , spot has a deadly feel.. Goodluck Rob



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December 10 pm
31 degrees
NW wind 10-20
Cloudy skies
Rain becoming flurries

Hunt the weather. Cold front has been settling in all day. Upper 40s 24 hours ago and upper 29s by dusk today.
Deer were on their feet from the moment I sat down. Once again I was on the ground and hiked a long ways in. Good buck showed up to the field about 250ish bumping and scent checking does. One if the does seemed to have his attention and he wouldn't leave her. Never got close enough for a shot and he eventually left with the does.


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