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Cayuga Lake gives up another beauty

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I don’t post every fish I catch, but this one is a beauty. Went out Monday evening between the storms and caught this beautiful 28 1/2 inch rainbow. Don’t know the weight and I am curious as to what people think it weighed? Did not want to harm it trying to get the weight. Release in good shape to live another day.Adjustments.JPG



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The 8-9lb estimate is a good one. You can get a good general idea from the chart on page 60 of the DEC syllabus too.

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I keep wanting to switch it up and fish a different finger lake one weekend, but seeing pics like this make me keep coming back to cayuga. I had one miss last weekend that must have been a huge fish. Downrigger rod went off and was about tore out of the rod holder. By the time I got to it nothing was there. Cayuga is shaping up to be an amazing fishery so far this year!

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