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Favorite downrigger release?

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I have 2 scotty's, a chamberlain and a pair of cannons and 1 offshore
The scotty has been the most consistent in working the way it should.
The chamberlain I've dragged 20" lake trout around for an hour
Same for the offshore
The pad fell out of the cannon so that takes them down a notch in my book.

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I have been running chamberlains since they were released. Since that time I have not had any issues with dragging fish, including the little stockies!!! I have 2 sets, one set for browns and 1 set for salmon. You can’t go wrong with Chamberlains!!!

Capt Rich

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Scottys all the way. With that piece of cable connected to the release you can see every dink that jumps on. You can troll a 11" paddle at 4mph if need be without a problem as well. The pad's themselves are replaceable, which i never had to do in using them for the last 10 plus years.

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I used Blacks and like them 


Went to Offshore , used them for years , pads wear out after a,while . 


Got some Scottys last year,  like them a lot 


I like the cable pinch pad style . And hook them on the weight . I think it runs better that way . For a few reasons . 



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