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Otisco 2021 first half season highlights

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Ive had a great season so far here on Otisco on all the species so I thought I'd post some pictures.  First of all, I've caught more big browns this season than the other 10 seasons combined!  Probably is the only positive thing about the recent years weed cutting efforts is we are seeing hardly any deoxygenation anymore and none this year KIMG0742.thumb.JPG.16993423416d21c100fd2a2d0f502a04.JPG48197.thumb.jpeg.0ed7b787bc7caf0a74ed5f2f4e1ad080.jpegKIMG0780.thumb.JPG.41475d6dd37c1ed7167b165bf2a14f4c.JPGKIMG0761.thumb.JPG.dc337f4d654f41782dc3b60f0c25dc69.JPGKIMG0757.thumb.JPG.12480849d78d4784e1017bfedbdd32a9.JPGKIMG0742.thumb.JPG.16993423416d21c100fd2a2d0f502a04.JPG48197.thumb.jpeg.0ed7b787bc7caf0a74ed5f2f4e1ad080.jpeg


The walleye fishing has been inconsistent and difficult at times this season for nearly all the boats out there, but hasn't been too bad for me and have had plenty 9-10+ pound fish.  Check out the bite width on the monster tiger that nearly stole a 24" walleye.51024.thumb.jpeg.f3fef37c2b83453815a091df15da6e27.jpeg





Big Tiger Muskies were on fire in may and June and the deep summer trolling is start to pick up them up as well.  Currently I've had 12 over 41" this season



I've taken my biggest tiger 46" 9n the pond side along with a bunch walleye 8+ pounders there also.  We literally have fished rhe entire lake from pond to dam for both.  We casted in 60fow and all the way down to 3 fow for both walleye and tigers as well as  trolling them over the same range.  The summer troll has changed several times so far making it tough for anyone not fishing every day here, but I've fished every day both morning and night in most cases except 2 days I believe.  Overall a wildy successful first half.54308.thumb.jpeg.8b9d52b20cdeebae77ef5bf61fc21863.jpeg51942.thumb.jpeg.1f3e7ba21090e7229d076418b97929dc.jpeg



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