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out of Irondequoit today

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When out of I-Bay yesterday. Gin clear water until almost the river. Mostly muddy water around the river but there was some greener water as we headed west. It sounded like most action was west near Braddocks Bay but we never made it that far. Fishing has been slow near the bay the last few days.


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Went out for a shake down run on Tuesday night in Ship Builders area and a bit east of there.  Clear water was void of fish. Ran out to 90' to run the motor and let the riggers run and marked 2 fish about 55' down.  Waves were rough at first but calmed down about 7:00.  At least the boat is in water. 

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Left Braddocks at 5am  and went north west until we hit 115 foot of water and targeted lakers for the Loc derby using blue 5/0 cowbells with a mag blue UV chartreuse dot and a 4/0 green and yellow UV running a mag gambler bull frog.  The green bull frog was hot so we swapped out the blue for a 4/0 green and yellow and a custom green killer bee mag I put together with gamblers parts..  We doubled a bunch of times and picked up about 10 lakers but couldn’t get a fish larger that 13lbs to get on the loc board. Best depth was 110 feet but a better class of fish was at 120  


At 845am swapped to a kings setup with riggers at 50 , 200 copper, and wire slide divers on 2 at 200 feet back.  We got 2 kings about 12lbs each in 120 FOW one on the rigger at 50 on a moonshine mag green knight. The other came on the wire slide diver on a custom brown town painted on a copper mag dreamweaver blank. 


Back at the launch by 1030am













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20 minutes ago, tropha said:

It’s a good thing you weren’t fishing out of port of Rochester or IBay. 

My kid talked me out of as I wanted to fish infront of Webster park but he insisted either Braddocks or Sandy 

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Heading out of Ibay tomorrow morning for the maiden voyage.  Not sounding that encouraging and we know the east wind is a downer mostly for this area at this time of year.  I'll post my report tomorrow.


Went out today....maiden voyage  and realized when I got to the boat at Mayers.....I forgot the cannonballs at home!!   Irregardless, I went out this morning and used my boards, and then graduated to dipseys and leadcore.  Wound up with one king and FAR from a major.  Took him on wire diver, no ring on 2 at 125 feet out over 175 fow.  Just so you know, I started inside this morning.  The water was crystal clear.  I could see the bottom in 50 FOW!!  The east wind is sooo not our friend!!




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Sounds familiar to our day. Started in clear water in tight then moved out to deeper water. Ventured out to about 250 and back. Only one small coho to show for it.  Slider on a rigger down 35. No idea where to start but Going out again in the morning.  Not expecting the water conditions to change much overnight. 

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Left Ibay today at 6 and trolled west inside 10-40ft all the way to Long Pond and then worked our way out to 150 continuing west. Marked Lakers on bottom at 130ft. About 3 mi west of Braddocks, made a swing back. Called it a day just east of Braddocks and motored home. Never moved a rod except to change baits. Water is COLD! Never found a temp above 41 except for inside of 15ft. Long day! 

Tomorrow...taking a hard right and see what happens.

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For what it’s worth, did a maiden voyage today and fished the ponds to Braddocks for a couple hours in the afternoon. 2 in the boat.  Laker and a coho, lost a another decent fish and 1 or 2 knock offs. 10 color and 3 color. Customer pink NK 28 and baby shower with gold back stinger. Fished 50-60 fow. Water looked good. Some bait on bottom. Not a lot of marks. 

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