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Sandy 5/21 Son’s Birthday Outing

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I take all my kids birthdays off and let them pick what they want to do for the day. Naturally, my son picked to go fishing on the lake for the day. I walked into his room at 5:40AM, and he was already out of bed ready to go. I feel like you just don’t see that out of most 3 year olds lol. Anyway, the king bite was very tough. Dropped in at 200 around 6:40 and worked to 400, then back into 90. Marked almost no bait. Only got 2 small kings and a brown. Then the fun began. Switched up to lakers, and it was non stop. Biggest was just under 20.

When we had to come in at 2:15, he started crying because he wanted to stay out lol. I told him that I know how he feels 😂. Great day on the water and great memories made.











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If there was a contest for best LOU Post of the year this would be the easy winner.  Great story and pictures.  

The Dad/Son side by side double is the best.  Keep a copy and try to replicate it each birthday!  

Congratulations Dad and pass on a Happy Birthday to your son!!

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My son got his first salmon at 3 years old now he’s 40 and teaching me. Get ready.

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Great start, keep it up! A buddy of mine's kid landed a 300 lb tuna at age nine, I got no doubt your kid will be reeling in kings by five.

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