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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:mini-slamon





Time on Water:12:30


Wind Speed/Direction:south east

Waves: flat

Surface Temp: 38.4

Location: west of salmon river





Total Hits: 3/27

Total Boated:5

Species Breakdown:1 king, 2 atlantics 2 browns

Hot Lure: r&r froggy spoons

Trolling Speed: 2.5

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 9-20 fow

Lure Depth:2-4 ft



caught a pair of mature atlantic salmon yesterday!!! thats the highlight of the year for me unless i catch a bigger one!! i would have pics of all but all fish were released as ussual. its more important to release the big ones than the little ones and we caught all large fish yesterday. chose not to harm the other fish by keeping them out of the water long enough for pic. felt bad enough keepin the atlantics out of water for pics. sorry hope these do me justice. anybody that wants to rease some for later dont grab those ones by the gills. a buddy on my boat yesterday grabbed a brown by the gills so i was forced to keep him. he was a bit large for a sandwich weighing in at a touch over seven pounds.




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they hurl themselves up outa the water and crash down like a sandbag from a helicopter before you even know there on. i told you guys i like atlantics. somebody is telling me something i think. bolth fish went over 10 lbs. i think the big one was pusing 15 but i just had to put them back i couldnt bring myself to keep or weigh them. somebody should really slap me for not having measureing the big one for a mount. honestly i get more satisfaction from catching atlantics of that quality than a musky despite the lore on muskys. i only go after muskys because i can. these LO atlantics are a true challenge and ive set them as an ultimate goal and i smashed it first day out in 2010!!! its like a miracle for my stadards of fishing. only thing left for me is sturgeon.

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