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Pro/Am Sponsorship A-TOM-MIK

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Subject: Fw. Pro/Am ruling


Seems there is a new ruling on not to allow sponsor names along with Team names for the Pro/Ams now


Team Cold Steel/A-TOM-MIK

Team Screamer/A-TOM-MIK

Team Yankee Troller/A-TOM-MIK

Team East Coast Boys/A-TOM-MIK

Team Meatheads/A-TOM-MIK

Team PrimeTime/A-TOM-MIK

to name a few

Will not be allowed on Pro/Am boards at venues nor on spread sheets addressed across the internet

Just an FYI

I pulled out of all KOTL sponsorships due partly to this

Chances are I am pulling out of all sponsorship to the Pro/Ams now as well

I am still fishing them just not going to sponsor as I feel I have been neglected any respect for continued support for many years

I feel opinions should be voiced as us little guys as sponsors have been very dedicated in helping our teams differ costs

For 3 years straight A-TOM-MIK has stepped up when asked for more out of the Pro/Am's, each time I said no problem, even this year I was asked again to bring my sponsorship level from almost 4 grand to 5 instead, again, I said no problem.

This was my proposal for the 2010 Pro/Am's

*Each event

Big Fish Plaques (x2) per event sat and sun

$300 largest fish per day (doesn't matter if its pro or am)

-will consist of $100 cash & $200 product

*Each event

1 (packaged fly body only) per captains bag value 3.25 ea.

will allot 270 pieces total

(Niagara 85)

(Orleans 60)

(Oswego 65)

(Sodus 60)


$2400 big fish awards

$144 (8 big fish plaques)

$100.00 4th annual A-TOM-MIK Big Fish Trophy (to biggest fish of series)

$877.50 single packaged flies for capt bags (250 total)

Also will add 1500.00 in gift certificates for http://www.atommiktrollingflies.com

$375.00 per event (4 events)

(5 @ $75 per event)

to be at Pro/Am discretion

Total Sponsorship package revised


Note: This will entertain A-TOM-MIK's largest sponsorship package ever

for the gift certificates there will be a clause written per issue

$75 value at retail when you purchase $75 worth of goods

as to help defer the added expenditure

will look like attachment

More FYI to all who have appreciated my support, I love these events and I feel I will always fish them, the largest of majority wanted a no communication event, it started getting ugly as the majority was not going to win, so I backed down. I am offering up an apology to those who will not receive my many sponsorships if I pull out. Very sorry, to me seeing a certain name on a LOC board or a sponsored name attached to a Tourney team means something special. I simply feel robbed..........

Am I wrong??


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$5000 is nothing to scoff at.It is very hard to understand that you are asked to sponsor,but you will not be allowed to give proper exposure to your name and your product.

The organizers should be reminded that without sponsors there will be no tournaments

Whoever is making those rules is trying to have his cake and eat it too.

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I know there are a lot of politics within these events that I don't fully understand, but that being said I have to agree with you Tom. Can't there be a compromise of some sort? I understand other sponsors getting a little upset because they to kick in money and want equal recognition. So why can't each sponsor be allowed for example, one or two team(s) in each division? Why the extreme.....can't we ever just meet in the middle??? It's not as if the other sponsors can't back teams of there own.....it's all part of the game, is it not???

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Thats a crock. Maybe its not a problem with the Atomik, NK, Siggs, Savant teams being over exposed, maybe its a problem of underexposing the other sponsors. I know I couldnt tell you them all!

However, Im sure this will bring more sponsors and teams just like the open division, observers, open communication :o

Nothing like biting the hand that feeds ya.

Thanks for all you have done Tom in the past and may do in the future.

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First off I don't fish the KOTL or the Pro-Ams, but I was planning on doing one or two of the opens this year. But now I won't compete in any of these derbies. How do these people that run things think? Would they donate or sponsor a team without any promotional consideration, I think not. How will these events survive with no sponsorship? If I had a business I'd do the same as you Tom. Thanks for what you've done for the sport in the past, present and future.


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Hopefully this can be worked out and you will stay on as a sponsor Tom. If not, it's the teams that loose out, not the Pro Am staff.

We still have our coolers to decal up with sponsors, and our shirts, hats, etc. Maybe the'll take that away next and we'll have a dress code and plain white coolers :lol:

Whatever, I just wanna fish!!

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One reason given Gambler:

It takes extra time that we really don't have to fit the extra names in the cells of the spreadsheets and on whiteboards at events

Also another new clause of sort, something else to do with team names and associations to physical names on boats, there may be no variance, if your boat says Viking, then you are now Team Viking

I'm not sure there is any input allowed from us as a sponsor anymore?

Just a personal opinion of my own the more I sit here and grieve about it, is with the future hopeful camera series/mini series/ and how us as longtime sponsors would be getting free vibes from exposure. Guess I'm just thinking out loud !!!

Probably shooting myself in the foot as I will certainly make no added friendships with coordination with my latest outburst here, but then again why would I want to associate myself with an organization that could possibly be threatened by my future non-endorsed vibes !!

I mean after all I was there backing the Pro/Am's when there were no future plans to bring it to the potential level of the future right?

Guess that's what I get for stirring the pot initially only trying to improve on something I love pretty dearly

Hope I'm wrong !!!!


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Couldn't agree with you more Tom. Whats the diffeence if your company hangs a banner or has it name appear on the scoreboard? Totaly wrong!

For them to throw $5 grand in sponsorships in the garbage is NUTS!!!


Double Play II--Dreamweaver

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I was hoping for some better reasoning than that Tom. It takes to long to write it on the board......seriously???? Your team name has to be the name of your boat now.....seriously?????

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Tom -

While I don't agree that this forun is the place to air your grievances I can say that compromise may still be an option. In the Pro Division if a Pro has a major sponsor I don't see a problem. If your an Am. you shouldn't have a sponsor. If I showed up at a amateur golf event with a sponsors name next to mine that would make me a Pro and I would not be allowed to compete.

You have done alot for the fishing community-- please keep your options with the Pro-Am open.

Good luck to all--

Dick C.

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I appreciate your input, truly I do

I also agree with you about public outlining in certain scenarios


I have made the internet my home, I have thrived from it and have continued to make "it work" withing a very tough market, have you ever heard the phrase "Dance with the one that brought ya"

I called the head honcho personally first (no names mentioned) only to confirm these latest rulings:

Upon my inquiry I was enlightened to the truths of this particular scuttlebutt

So as it was addressed as being a small technicality and no big deal I asked this question, "How many charters do you have in the books this season?" The answer was given to me, so I asked my next question, "Would it be a big deal if you lost say 10% of them?" No response, only a re-direct of topic, so I asked again, no response again. I knew what the answer was all along, 10% is huge............ My point only was to pound the proof home, of how important every little bit of interest was in this very trying business.

When the many teams see no A-TOM-MIK product and or sponsorship come tourney-days where do you think the first thought of blame would be directed? Yep, towards me................."Well A-TOM-MIK must be cutting back"

In opposite never cutting back, always pushing forward Dick

Sometimes the public simply needs to know why certain entities merely "went away"

One can only deal with so much, when that same one knows best, why they are where they are


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Hey Eddie haven't heard from you in a while !!!

That would only make "great sense"

My personal opinion still stands however..............Ulterior motives..............

More info as the plot thickens for ya.........

The prompt for my initial 5g sponsorship package was to be followed up by another total 5g (2nd package only allowed in cash no less)

LMAO and to think I was contemplating it ....

Scares me !!!!!

Blessing in disguise type deal maybe? Start'n to think

I wish I could see the inside Pm's and phone call's to make this thread go away...............



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Tom they started with Joe and Myself because I put the name as Thunder/Cannonball like I have the last 5 years so I could carry the points in the over all event. I've done this sinice the beginning starting to rethink if I want to deal with the bs any more. I was up doing my walleye charters just got back to Oswego last week stop over and see me some time . I'm sure I can find a beer or to...

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Good Luck to the Pro/Am's I will fish them all till my dying day, maybe you'll even see me on TV in the future taking a large Shark on a "mystery fly" with a white Plain Jane collared shirt on !!

However I do feel pretty darn slighted as none of this was brought out into the open while prompting me to shell out 10g over the course of 2010


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What another fishing tournament does for a $5000 sponsor.

Tarpon Level Sponsorship - $5,000

Secondary naming rights to the tournament, i.e. "The Key West Fishing Tournament sponsored by..."

Full page advertisement in annual yearbook to be distributed throughout the year to anglers, area hotels, weigh stations and media outlets

Sponsor logo on KWFT web site linked directly to sponsor web site.

Logo representation and inclusion on:

All official tournament letterhead, award citations (outstanding angling achievement and release), and envelopes for citation delivery (2000 or more annually).

More than 600 press releases and envelopes sent to media outlets nation-wide.

15,000 tournament brochures distributed throughout the Florida Keys, to media outlets and inquiries about the tournament.

The cover of 1,000 KWFT annual yearbook distributed to captains and anglers.

15,000 multi-page carbonless form entry forms which the anglers keep a copy of when making entries in the tournament.

800 hats and T-shirts distributed to anglers and sponsors year-round

Citation dropoff boxes at official weigh stations.

All Annual Kick-off package information as well as print, broadcast and electronic media advertisements.

Comprehensive exposure in the national print, broadcast and electronic media.

Two tickets to annual awards banquet

Sponsor representation on a winners trophy

Personalized sponsor appreciation gift.

Seems like a shame to me.Teams can't pick their own name.

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I am sure the committee is aware of this thread, but to be sure I sent the man I'm sure is behind this new rule an email with the link. Sure would be nice If he/ they would give another point of view.

Not allowing the sponsor name to be attached to a team name is one thing. It sure wouldn't be the first tournament to implement that rule and IMHO, I don't see it worthy of "pulling" sponsorship over it. That being said, making each team use only the name of the boat they are fishing off of.....now that is ridiculous !!!!! So my boat breaks and I decide to use my wife's boat (yes, she has her own boat), and her boat is called "girls night out"......I gotta be Team Girls Night Out ?? :o:o:D

WTF is up with that rule? I'm almost speachless as to this rule.

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