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making torpedo weights again.

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I finally got a torpedo weight mold made. Cost me dearly. They weigh 12 and one half pounds. I use galvanized fence staples for both the rigger loops and release loops. I bend the ends of the the staples so they can't come out. Plus they will never wear out. $25.00 each shipped any where in the USA. I think I can put up to 5 in a USPS flat rate box shipped for $11.00.Thanks for looking -Troutman 87


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I bought 3 last year. Had my best season and caught my deepest targeted fish ever. It was slow and I started marking fish 158 ft down on bottem, so I sent one down 158 knowing I wouldn't hit with blow back. 2 or 3 min later bam. 25lber. Most of the week I ran 110- 135 down with no tracking probs. I painted mine flat black.

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Just purchased 2 of the 12 lb. torpedo weights and they look great. Can't wait to try them out. :clap: I'm thinking about coating them with the flat black spray on Plastidip. I have read and heard that you should 1st apply a primer to promote better adhesion with Plastidip. This should make more durable, at least I hope so. Manufacturer states not to use Rustoleum primer though as it is not compatible with coating formulation. Anyone have past experience or recommendations as to primers which seem to work well with Plastidip?

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