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Rochester 9/14 - wish the derby was still on

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:





Time on Water: 4 hrs

Weather/Temp: nice

Wind Speed/Direction:

Waves: 1

Surface Temp:






Total Hits: 8

Total Boated: 6

Species Breakdown:

Hot Lure: NK's, Jensen flaher, flies

Trolling Speed:

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 75-135

Lure Depth:




It was probably our last trip of the season. Had a friend of mine out for the third time this fall and was hoping to get a salmon over 20lbs. We had done well the past 2 trips with 15 plus fish caught each trip but no mature salmon.

We started fishing inside (75-85) and took a couple of browns. We hooked up with 2 teens age salmon and lost them. We decided to head outside 100-130 and saw some good marks about 80 down with some good temp. We slowed things down and went for lakers off the bottom. We ran 2 slide divers with small flasher / flies about 50' back which have been our best sets this year.

We caught 3 lakers one was 11lbs. We made a turn and the slider fired and I handed the rod to my friend. We definately had a mid 20's mature salmon on. It made 2 runs and burnt 450 foot off the reel. All of a sudden the down rod fires on the other side and it was a 11lb laker. I finally netted the fish while trying to drive the boat. Wew fire drill over.

We kept circling the big salmon and it felt like the fish was getting bigger and bigger the closer it got. Finally, after about 25 minutes the fish was about 20 feet from the boat and now it looked at least 30lbs. It kept growing and growing. :) We finally netted the fish on the first attempt and it looked even bigger. Before we had the fish weighted he guessed 32 and I guessed 33.5 lbs. The final weight was 36lbs 9 onces. WOW.

Here is a pic of my friend holding the fish. Nice Job!



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How slow were you trolling to pull laker rigs? Set up on wednesday off Duran trolling towards the river in 65fow worked out to 100 and had 2 king bites. One on a rigger spoon other on wire SD fly both lost. Headed deeper off the bay and btw 140 and 170 was loaded with hooks and bait. Couldn't turn them. Inside water was 69degreese top to bottom. Only a few trips left b4 bow season. Hanging stands this weekend. Should be out tuesday, weather permitting.

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That would be Mr. N. As many people know he has been all over the world hunting and fishing. A great guy with a lot of experience.

I slightly missed 2 details on the slide divers. We had been running them anywhere from 50 - 90' behind the diver all year and that setup was our hottest this year. We had about 240' of dacron out which gets about 80 down on 2.5 setting. That day we decided to slow eveything down to about 1.6 downspeed. That allowed us to run for lakers on one side and slider / flashers running really slow for salmon on the upside. I guess that worked for that day. :) I would highly suggest that people run them - we even put the wire rig away and now run 2 sliders instead.

We took a lot of big browns and bows on this setup all year. My son placed 5th in the summer derby catching a big bow on a NK chicken wing. Yep, we still us those old time lures that you guys turned me onto 10 years ago. We also placed 6th in lake trout.

Here are some other pics of those fish. I hope we all appreciate living around a world class fishery! Enjoy.




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Nice Fish Rich. :clap:

Skipper19: I'll have to give that Shock Top a try. My favorite beers in Germany were Weisen "Wheat" beers. That's the 3rd time I've seen friends promote it. You and twice on FB! :beer::beer::beer:

It just became my favorite beer this summer. Itis very full bodied and has a great finish to it. There are many brews to choose from and they are all good from Shock Top. The one I am featuring in the signature avitar is the newest brew coming in November. That is their label approval and the brew is coming in preparation for the "End of the world" (12/12/2012). According to the ancient Mayans calendar there is a gateway to the worlds of consciousness. I plan to put on my crash helmet and goggles, sit on my porch with the brew in hand and watch either the cataclysmic end or transition to peace and tranquility as it comes....SALUTE! :beer:

The ingredients should help with the effect :lol:

midnight wheat

chocolate malt

chili pepper


Oh and yes those fish are some great examples of what Lake O has to offer!....VERY NICE!!!!! :yes:

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Great story...and fish!!! And, there is something to be said about trolling at lower speeds for the BIGGEST kings. Never had enough results to make a pattern, but, the biggest king I ever caught (estimated 35lbs.) was actually almost a double. We had slowed way down to land a beaut approx. 28-30lb. king. We were "fumbling and stumbling" around and did finally land it. Then there was some drama in trying to untangle a nightmare and release the fish in good condition, still barely trolling along, when another downrigger released and therein began a really good fight with another big king. This fish was the big (bigger!) one. There was no scale on board. But we have caught enough to understand these were BIG fish. Both were released....

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