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2013 Oswego Pro/Am (Rules now posted)

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if this does go through i wonder if there will still be the challenge cup. I would hope so plus it would give me a reason to fish orleans lol

All I can add to that at this point Matt is I assure you it's on Burkey's mind as well as many others who have loved the chase. But as much as the rest of everything else consuming many hopeful thoughts its an unknown. I am sure if it's possible it WILL happen, most of us will just have to watch it unfold and hope for the best !!!



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Thanks for putting all this together, and thanks for keeping us updated. I've never fished the Oswego event, but based on your data it looks like this could be the quality event it used to be when I was kid, remembering the Lowrance Pro/Am out on the west end.

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Decisions and info being transferred daily as continual decisions are made. THERE WILL be an Oswego Pro/Am.

Not sure what the decision will be as in a name for the event or some of the finer details of its structure, there is a potential sponsor in the works to possibly carry a name for the event.

We appreciate those who offered their ideas and opinions, we are reflecting back to what "was" very popular at one time and also what most are saying.

Much of our time has been spent talking about the following and what we have come up with is this:
-July 13/14
-No Communication
-Pro 12 fish multi species 2 day

-Am 9 fish multi species 2 day
-Pro only event still possible, strongly planning on Am as well
-Entry $300 Am/$700 Pro
-Calcutta for those wanting to put more on the line
-Payout 7 to 10 places (Dependent upon entries)
-Old school style whiteboard placements for standings, (we would love to host the awesome trailer from 2012 but it may not be in the cards)
-Non catered (hotdogs & hamburgs for sale)
-Mandatory Observers
-Ports of Oswego and Mexico

Just a note: My 2013 A-TOM-MIK Invitational event WILL take place in 2013, a few had questioned due to my current involvement in this


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I'm in!!!!! :D

I'm hoping there is going to be 2 divisions. I Would rather fish the Amateur div if it happens!

Looking forward to it, it should be a great tournament.

Thanks to all involved for their hard work and dedication. :rofl:

Role call!!

Who else is fishing this event?

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Hello Tom.

I have been hosting this event on our property and a sponsor of the Pro-Am for a very long time. Do you plan on hosting it here along the River behind Quality Inn?? I believe you have my cell phone - give me a call when you have a chance please.

Thank you.

Shane B

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