2013 NJ Archery Buck

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I took this buck last week. Had no cam pics of him. In the early bow season in NJ you need to take a doe before a buck. I shot my doe on opening day. I went out sun afternoon and I was going to take another doe then I saw this guy coming down a run. Watched him rub a tree and mill around for about 30 min. It was getting dark and I didn't think it was gonna work out. He walked right to me but head on. At about 20 yards he turned broadside and was watching a few does. I took the shot and I knew it was a good shot. The problem was there was another buck there that I never saw. When I shot my buck he ran into thick stuff. Well at the same time I saw a deer (though it was my buck and I thought I missed!) circle around and was just standing there and I was thinking OMG I missed him!!! now it was getting to late to take another shot. So I sat and waited for the deer to leave and I backed out. I had a very sleepless night because I saw the shot I was positive I nailed him. Next morning I called out from work and went down to the woods and pulled my card from my cam. Checked the pics and saw a smaller 6 point. I looked for my arrow and couldn't find it. Then I saw blood! A LOT of blood. The Dead Ringer 2 blade Rampage broadhead did an amazing job. Trailed it for 70 yards and there was my buck. I was so pumped but only problem was the yotes got to him. Didn't do much ony at some of the hind quarter. Still a great hunt. So glad I followed my gut because I knew with out a doubt the shot was good but that other buck really threw me for a loop! Anyway here is my Buck..





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Great job! Tuesday cant come fast enough! Love the chocolate racks

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