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I-Bay - 5/31/14 - Fantastic fishing continues

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I fished with my great buddy Anthony and our other buddy Mark who spent most of the time hung-over in the cuddy today and it was another stellar day out of the Rochester area. We are so blessed to have such great fishing right here in the Rochester area. We fished east of the Bay and fished anywhere from 100 fow to 200 fow. There was a small pack of boats working the same waters and it looked like they were hooking up as well.

It was one of those cool days where just about everything caught a fish, but when something would get cold and we would change it out, then the next presentation would fire within a few minutes.

Early on it was a rigger bite, fished anywhere from 35' to 85' down and then the wires started to fire, with a great amount of planer board action in between. The slide diver set-up took two fish on our way back trolling into port which was great as well.

We finished the day 15 for 17 with two doubles. Most fish were silver with several solid kings and some very nice steelhead (biggest around 8-9 pounds)and only one lake trout. The name of the game today was fish your graph and fish the thermal breaks - as several times we caught fish as soon as we lowered the riggers into the ice cold waters (39 degrees) to fish the marks that we would see on our fish finder. There were some beautiful temp. breaks out there as well, and it was spring fishing 101 when you would get a bite as soon as you hit the break or scum line.

The following baits all caught fish today:

Wonderbread spoon rigger 45'

Capt. Valium Spinny/ Sweet Pea Fly wire 125'

42 second spoon - rigger 85'

Wild Bill spoon free slider

SSW Mag spoon rigger 75'

SSW standard spoons in both Dreamweaver and Bob fuller patterns were on fire on the 3 color lead cores

Chartreuse Rapalla flatlined

Raspberry Dolphin slider

Stinger Firefly on a Slide Diver

Good luck to all - I am so grateful to have spent such a great day on the water today with such great friends






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The fishing experience today was fantastic!

One of the things we did was not following the pack. You were wise when u went out to the deep before anybody has decided to motor over to our way. I m bit sure what it is with other boats including charters who seem to follow every turns you made. LOL.

Poor Mark for missing so much of the action. He should ve stuck with the top shelf to avoid any headaches associated with the cheap stuff.

Captain Chris, Thanks for the stellar day of fighting the fins!

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Thanks for the detailed report Chris. Heading out right now for an afternoon troll. The Vektor charts in the NY Outdoor News say a 3 PM bite. I don't have much faith in those sun and moon tables, but we'll see.

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