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Legacy- 2017 Deer Season


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The first place I ever hunted with my dad was in the process of being sold so I couldn’t hunt there this year. Deal fell through and I found out I was able to hunt there again yesterday. I was gonna go out after work since it’s only about 15 minutes down the road. Sitting at work I just realized I drove a different vehicle today and my bow and bin of clothes is not in it.... lol

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Congrats to all the successful hunters on this thread! As always this is the best read on the internet thanks to all that have contributed. Last night was my first sit i had a great encounter with a real nice 2.5 year old 8 point and some does he was bumping around the woods in front of me. My son Cam has been putting in a lot more time and effort than me but other than 1 real nice 140+ inch buck on camera he has not seen anything he wants to shoot yet. He is 17 now and he is holding tight to wanting a nice buck this year and I really hope he gets it done! Good luck to all Hunt Hard and above all hunt safe! Always look around and appreciate the things we have been blessed with!

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So as I am typing this I am waiting for a my connecting flight from Atlanta to Rochester. I have quietly been on a 12 day hiatus in Costa Rica. Costa Rica was a great place to vacation but I'm glad to be on my way home. No rest for the wicked, starting tomorrow morning the hunting grind begins.
I'm still catching up on the thread. I am looking back at some great stories and some great deer shot. Congratulations to everyone!


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