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Legacy- 2018 Deer Season


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Well by the sounds of it you are definitely in one of his routes to and from his preferred bed. I think the time of day really spells that out. Judging by the frequency that he's using it, he feels confident and secure in his travels also. Pick and choose your days wisely. I would put some serious thought into what the best wind for the stand and also figure out the best approach in or out is. It might sound strange but I would check the wind history for the dates and times you have him on camera. It might not matter but there could be a pattern there. Knowing his travel route to and from his primary bedding gives you an opportunity at him for the entire season and not just the rut.

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Little ticked right now. NYSEG just came through a spot near me where the deer travel too and from an AG field they leveled all the brush and weeds they walk through. I haven't seen a deer since. Their timing sucked! Hoping things settle down and they start traveling through there. I haven't seen a deer on my 40 acres in a week. Boy I hope they start to turn on or at least start coming through again. I had a few small rubs and scrapes but they seem to been abandoned. Had this guy and a handful of other small bucks on camera a bunch of times but haven't seen him since they came through. Haven't seen him during the day but if I do I'll decide then whether he gets a pass or not. Betting he scores around 130" with the 2nd main beam, if he is the same one I saw last year he was 120" 8 point last year.







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October 31 am

51 degrees
S wind 5-10 mph
Heavy rain becoming scattered

Probably not a day I would consider "ideal" but i still hunted. Heavy rain ended here about an hour before sunrise and the light rain ended just before daybreak. Pretty slow morning. I could see some does moving around in the corn midmorning and that would be it for deer sightings. Kind of an ugly weather pattern for the next couple of days. Gonna have to see what this rain and wind wants to do.
I did happen to see a few very impressive, fresh rubs on my walk out today.


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Was down in 7R the last three days. Scrapes and rubs showing up daily. No daytime movement for us. Came home unpacked checked the radar, packed the truck, headed out and now sitting in my stand in 8F for the night. Very little sign here as far as rubs or scrapes.....

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This weather system sucks. I hope that the rain ends overnight so I'm not wasting a day off tomorrow. Saturday is the opener of crossbow and Brian took a day of vacation to hunt with me. At least the rain on Saturday is predicted to be light and mercifully short. This is traditionally my best period for sighting BB (October 28-November 3rd) but not this year. So far. 


Better news is that I got a video this morning of our Fox Red Lab being born! He'll be ready to come home on December 20th. It will be nice to have a dog to train again. Maybe that will encourage me to hit the swamps instead of the woods during crap weather like this :smile:.

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