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Legacy- 2018 Deer Season


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Checked plots and cards today, all on the 4wheeler. Not many bucks on camera, until the past week. All of a sudden they are here heavy! Love this time of year, scrapes opened up all over. The deer have absolutely destroyed my radish plots, so clover is all I have left. Good luck tomorrow and all season fellas! Have a feeling it could be great!


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1 hour ago, JakeyBaby said:

And FYI moultrie cameras suck! All my night time pics are blurry and cant see anything. Will never purchase another one

I finally found one I really like this year - Browning Strike Force HD Pro......best camera I've ever had and I've tried many sub $200.00 and $100.00 cameras...Moultrie, Primos, Wildgame, Browning and Bushnell over the past 13-14 years and they all sucked to be honest


Finally this one really seems to be excellent


I bought 6 of them from TrailcamPro





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Makes you smarter than me i got up here around 615 with no umbrella lol. Got my rain suit on though

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I’m not a “huge” fan of it but can honestly say it’s allowed me to sit longer on crappy days. The older I get the less tolerance I have for being wet and cold ...

'Bout Time
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