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Costa Rica on the pacific side


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Broke one of the two Daiwa surf rods today. Son was casting a Ranger lure and it snapped in the fourth section mid cast. Had my doubts as to the structural integrity of a five piece rod but really didn’t have an alternative.
Still sucks but hey, on vacation, have to go with the flow.

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The Mahi Mahi is quite close under the shore. They very much prefer a rocky bottom. I caught 2 mahis and between the two fish there was 14 pounds of filets. They are explosive fighters that will make you think that salmon are guppies. The brown boobies will be constantly attacking your surface lures. Although you can rent pangas all over town, it is the cheapest to negotiate with the local fisherman/owner. The agents take a 10 dollar per hour commission and if you can give a guy two or three days of work you can get a serious discount  by cutting out the middle man. Mahi Mahi  likes to hunt just before and after sunrise although they will hit later as well. The fishermen are used to taking tourists out around six in the AM , but if you can get one to take you out a bit earlier you will do better.

Good Luck.

 Imperial beer is pretty good!!

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Fun morning on a Panga. East wind 20+ and a soaking wet trip. Wouldn’t be for everyone but we had a ball.
I think tomorrow is going to be pretty snotty offshore but I think it’s going to be a blast.
Grilled yellowfin and white tuna for dinner and lots of cold beer!
Mops is right about the sights, women here are pretty spectacular lol.

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