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I love that show I went 2 years ago and those guys really have a good selection of goods. I'm going to give it my best shot to make this one. I've been going to the Brewerton Show for 3 years strait!! This year I want to go to this one as I need more of Troutmanss sinkers simple the best. Plus I found a lot different line weights that are used in the styles of the Finger Lakes fishing..... Plus taking my twin daughters got me a lot of spoons from the generosity of the spoon guys!!! Word has it that R & R is going to be there with something new??? Only hearsay!! The site doesn't show anything new. Be safe you early birds!! I wish I had a smaller boat with a O/B at times like this!! 

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Fishy Business will be selling there again this year.This is the BEST show that my wife and I do,many return  customers and lots of new ones.Long line trying to get in doors at 9:00,plenty of parking.Hope to see you there.

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