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Wanted Kids Fishing Club - THANK YOU

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On ‎1‎/‎19‎/‎2020 at 1:43 PM, C3M said:

Hi LOU Community,


I am working with a close friend at Gates Chili Middle School in developing a fishing club. Currently there are 14 members. Most of the young anglers are interested mostly in bass and perch. If any of you have unwanted tackle that you would like to donate to the group, we would be forever grateful. I can also work a deal out with anyone if I can trade some of my trolling gear for gear for the kids. Thanks in advance for anyone considering donating.



I make sinkers.  I have a bunch in the garage.  PM me an address and I will ship some out or drop some off. 

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Fellow LOU members have been very generous. I have 16 medium sized boxes that I am filling with plastics/hooks, spoons, plugs, ect, as they come in. If you have some gear that you feel you wont use feel free to send it over and it will go to the kids.


Thank you again to everyone so far!


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Thanks for thinking of the group! Let me know if you are coming to Rochester for the tackle sale next weekend or it might to easier to ship and I'll pay you back. Let me know!

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THANK YOU to everyone that contributed over the past few months donating everything from gift cards to tackle, poles and reels. In total I ended up with 17 poles/reels, extra line and a tackle box of misc gear from perch to trout for each kid. It is great to be apart of such a great group on the LOU!


The unfortunate and abrupt end to the school year has impacted the club meetings however we are planning in the coming weeks to organize a drop off location for each kid to get their set ups!




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