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Launched at public launch next to Arnie’s at 8am. Turned west at end of inlet.  Interestingly there was hardly a whisper of a breeze but fairly large swells coming out of the east.  Not bad but the large swells seemed odd to me.

we hammered the Browns with a few Atlantic’s mixed in.  Largest brown was 9 lbs.  Lost count early on but we landed 25-30 fish.  Three of us on the boat and we had 2 triples, and at least 5 doubles.  Most were in the 5-9lb range and plenty of little guys.  20fow was best for us.  J-5’s and 7’s. Brown trout pattern was tops but everything took fish.  Best temp was 38deg.  All planer board action.  Pulled out at 3pm.  Hey, note the life jackets.




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9 hours ago, Fjaq said:

3 pics taken. 3 pics posted. Everything released except one Brown. 

I think we all need to practice more catch and release to insure the future of the fishery, plus it's way more fun catching then killing, just my opinion. :yes:

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