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Legacy -The 2020 Season-


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So two interesting things I have seen so far today
1. A doe with two fawns aggressively chasing away a single line fawn in the field. Borderline bullying. At one point I actually saw the doe ram into the side of the fawn with her head. I think the lone fawn wanted to join them and mama doe did not like that idea. This went on for 20-25 minutes until eventually they went their own ways.
2. I have two squirrels in the willow tree next to me building a nest. They are going around the woods and cutting down branches and then carrying them up the tree to add to the nest. (Maybe a beaver/squirrel hybrid). They have been non stop since day break and could care less about me.

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Happy thanksgiving, Took my youngest out this morning, first time having chips and dip for breakfast while hunting! First for everything I guess🤣. We had a great hunt seeing wide variety of game. He had a good question when a flock of turkeys came by, why can’t we shoot a bird on thanksgiving?? Actually a great question... IMG_2964.JPGIMG_2976.JPG

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My buddy got this one today his property buts up to mine great friend glad to see he got it 10701.thumb.jpeg.2720afe79964d082127f4c0b9a96edc6.jpeg

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Great buck. I know the deer, my buddy has pictures of it. I hunt the property next to your buddy but have not seen that one.

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