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" Fat Guy in a Little Boat "

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That time again. Ready to roll tomorrow morning for the annual Labor Day Run. As usual keeping an eye on the wave forecast. Heads up on some starting #'s would be great. Usually start with a spoon spread then FFs. Looks like nice weather except for Sunday afternoon. See you on Mexico bay.


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Cannon hand cranks and dipseys. I can't handle more than 4 rods in rough water. It's a trip but it keeps you humble 🤣

Clark all I run 99% of the time is two down and two dipsy’s. I think it has a lot of advantages.

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Bugged out at noon today after getting soaked this morning. Looks like the action was out at the 100. Cruised the 70 for a couple hrs but got too sporty for me. Yesterday went 2 for 4 in 65 to 80. Managed to get 1 a piece for the weekend. Tough grind but had a great run.

Thanks for all your support guys. Shout out to all the folks who keep us safe and free! 




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