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Legacy -The 2022 Season-


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13 hours ago, spinfly said:

Piebald fawn and its' twin:


 My neighbor who lives where we park to access our property was down the street looking at those deer this morning. Interesting twins. The other one has a large white throat patch. I suspect that we know their mother well lol.

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I had the same thing yesterday was hoping for some good movement after the rain. And nada, snuck close to where the buck I'm after has been bedding. But nothing! So back out for a few days. This morning only one lone doe in another spot.

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Funny thing is they aren’t hunters. Probably don’t know what a trail cam is. 
They’re going to learn. 
You would think the visit to their house would have been enough. 
English appears to be a second language to them, hopefully a visit from my friend delivers the message. 

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