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I used to fish Trestle Pool  pretty far upstream on the SLR on Labor Day weekend and have had one fish on after another.  September 1st isn’t early. The last few years have been late but this time of year it can happen quickly.

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18 minutes ago, cmc5028 said:

For a newbie, can one give a synopsis of the names and location of piers open to public access? I would guess egg sacks, skein and spoons are the most popular baits?  

Go to the Irondequoit pier before sun up and see what other people are doing. 

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1 hour ago, LazyRiver585 said:

Depends where you live, man. There’s dozens of public access piers on Lake Ontario. Look up the pfr locations in whatever particular area you interested in fishing.

Ok so did some searching, Olcott is closet to me, but some said they ruined the pier fishing with all the new construction? Lake O is pretty new to me, so trying to learn.

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