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Power of Prayer Could use some tonight!,and today for MUSKY!

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I was invited to be part of team L.O.U.SERS this past weekend (as an observer on another boat) , got to stay and spend some time with Bob and other team members Nick and Mike.....had a memorable time that I wont soon forget , thanks guys ;) . Looking forward to doing it again, incase you ever need an observer. :clap:

Like Jerry (RUNNIN REBEL) said BOB IS GOOD PEOPLE! :) and if you're ever fortunate enough (like I have been) to get a chance to meet him you'll realize that in short order :)

I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers Bob , get well SOON!



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I will keep Musky in thoughts in prayers. Bob is one of the best guys i have ever met and got to fish with and i am looking forward to more fishing with you Bob so Get well Soon

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hope you get well soon. a bit of nostalgia. you were the reason for me becoming a member. after being a lurker i saw you and ray going back and forth about the super bowl 2008. couldn't believe you would pick the giants in a low scoring game. :o . had to jump in on that one but needed a login name. couldn't think of anything but the g.f. just happened to be delivering me a beverage and that was it. our little joke at honeoye where she whips me everytime.

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