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finally after 23+ yrs.

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got my rainbow for the wall today,26" 7 1/2 lbs out of cayuga. hit a rigger parked at 48 ft. with a lure back at 30 ft. i know the lake O boys will say it's a small one but to me after waiting this long for one over 5 1/2 lbs. it's at the taxidermy shop as i type this. i was on a south troll due to my auto-pilot not working (broken wire) running the 80 ft. line on the west side. raining buckets when the rigger released, said to myself, self it's raining too hard to go get that pole untill i seen the fish come out of the water on the opposite side that it hit on!! several good runs, three more leaps into the air,a tangled up net in a rod holder, glasses that are streaked with the water running thru my hat and a hard turn to the insde due to the wind. well i got the net under it and the memories will go to the grave with me!! the rest of the day (this was the first fish) was very good,put 12 out of 13 in the boat, one was a 5 1/2 lb. landlock one was a 4.25 lb. brown. rest were a mix of lakers & shackers. off the water at 1:00 after a 10:30 start.

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