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Braddocks Bay sand bar pics. No water !


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Walked the point of land at the state marina out to the channel markers in the bay.

One pic is looking south into bay. The other pic is looking west towards manitou beach rd homes.

The old channel markers are in about 10 inches water and you can see old trolly line too.

No ice fishing this year!



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That is amazing! :o I have been meaning to stop down there and check it out. Had my boat there this spring/summer and had to pull it early. Thanks for sharing those pictures! With only 12-inches of water, do you think the whole bay will have a chance of freezing 100% through this winter?

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It isn't all doom and gloom...occasional periods of low water are necessary for reseeding of the marsh vegetation that supports abundant fish life. A steady water level isn't healthy for the environment. Whether that situation applies here, I don't know. Just trying to make lemonade...

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Wife and I walked out last Monday... wearing only sneakers...

Note the house on the point ..Picture taken looking West


same house as first pic.... we were almost to the channel markers


In spring 2011, the water was up to the white rub rail on the dock...


"welcome to Braddocks Bay car top boat launch"..


A few more.......



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