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South American Muskie

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I just returned from Guyana South America from guiding for 5 weeks 272 miles deep in the Rewa Rainforest! Clients caught 5 Arapiama(south american muskies),big catfish,vampirefish,peacock bass and many other toothy fish,over 500 fish!

Here is a picture of Dr. Mark Carlson with what may become the New IGFA World Catch & Release Record for Arapiama!



















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Big Dave, I supplied Long Pliers & Boga Grips, but one client got careless and almost lost his index finger,no suture supplies along--lots of gaze & tape to hold his bitten to the bone chunck back to his finger.After unpacking the plastic food drum back in Georgetown after the trip I kept hearing a little noise in the bottom of the drum,closer look with a flashlight into sight came a Scorpin! We had Black Camen to 12 ft,Jaguar's laying on trees outstreched over the river and a red & black snake(one bite your dead) near us once! But overall the Amerindian's working for you see all these dangers way before you and keep you clear of them.Just when you wake up in your hammeck in the morning,reach down an slap your crocks(water shoes) together so that any scorpin's drop out before putting your feet in.If you go outside the canopy to pee at night look on the ground with your headlamp for snakes,spiders,scorpin's and bright colored frogs(one touch your dead)! Just have to remember that you are in the jungle and you do not own it!

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As of today I have 2 persons booked for the 1st two weeks of February and 5 persons booked for the last two weeks of February.I can still add 4 persons to the group of two and 1 person to the group of five.


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