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I Bay 4th of July Weekend - Kings and another LOC Lake Trout UPDATE - VIDEO ADDED

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(Sorry about the corny music but I can only use free public domain sound tracks b/c of copyright law)


First and foremost, I say it every year but we are blessed to have the freedom we have in this country to fish whenever we want. God Bless the USA and to all those who make it so great.


We fished Anthony's boat earlier in the weekend, and he was an outstanding captain to navigate some rough seas two days ago, and his persistence to find the kings paid off with three nice hits. We were able to boat two of the kings, as the third one snapped off at the leader between the Dipsy and flasher. The two we landed were 10# plus, and both went back to fight another day. Anthony had us on the fish in 3-4' waves, mainly west of the Bay, around 180 fow. All three hit the exact same presentation: 225' wire Dipsy, green dot spinny and an A-Tom-Mik hammer fly.


We slept in Saturday with Lady O boiling and initially we slept in today as well with the "threat" of strong seas again.


However, after tossing and turning and not liking my decision to wimp out on fishing and not really seeing the trees blowing in the front yard, I made a quick call to Anthony and we decided on an impromptu trip from 9:30 til noon. Our first fish hit after two minutes of setting up and it was non-stop action thereafter.


We fished entirely for lake trout with a goal to catch a 20 pounder. We wound up 7 for 9, with the final fish a beautiful 19#12 ounce bottom monster which is the biggest lake trout for my vessel. All fish came on hammerhead 5/0 cowbells and a chartreuse/orange spin n glow. We also tried to run a copper and two wires but the currents destroyed them with copious tangles.


The fish weighed over 20 on the boat, but after it crapped the cooler it weighed in just shy of the 20 mark, but still good for 8th place on the LOC board.


We have video of most of the battle, but of course the battery died in the beginning of the fight. I'm hoping Mr. Dave Chilson will still accept it for the video portion of the LOC.


Good luck to all out there.





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Chris is da Captain! Chris has proven once again that fishing for the lakers is a very good thing to do!

The Best part was when the lucky quarter hit on the floor near the rigger and then the rod popped with a nice laker on. The Same corner rigger brought us home loc fish!

Best of luck to all.

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Thanks for the kind words gentlemen - it has been a great season and the earliest ever that we hit our 100th fish on deck of the season


In classic B+E fashion, they haven't faxed over the information on the fish to the LOC yet......hopefully it will get there tomorrow.


Good luck to all the great fishermen/women - be safe on the water,



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