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Trying my luck at trolling flies...

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Started tying up some lake flies this winter and it became very addicting so I decided to tie up some flies in different ways and I think I have finally found a way that works well for me just wanted to share some of these flys with my fellow finger lakes guys and see what you guys thought about them... Let me know if you see any trout and salmon catching machines.. lol













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They look great! Nicely done. I've always had good luck on a fly like that last one behind a frog spin doctor

I purchased some from you at the watkins glen show. Cant wait to try them

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Why don't you send me a dozen or two and I'll let you know LOL

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Thanks guys !! Anybody interested in any let me know and I will PM you prices .. You can get them rigged or unrigged.. And I will ship them to your door for a small shipping fee...


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They all look good, and will probably all catch fish.

The first 2 and the 3rd and 2nd last will probably catch the most fish though.

Thanks ... The two flies with the clear UV Material will look like this under UV light



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