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Sandy Creek Shootout 7/23 and practice

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Spent 3 days out of Sandy Creek and ultimately competed in the Sandy Creek Shootout. Thursday 07/21 we trolled from Russell Station to Sandy... Lots of Smaller fish, but we did have a couple quality bites. Definitely a spoon bite. Paddles and flies never took a shot.

Friday I left Sandy and went East to Braddocks... One quality bite with some teenagers. Spoons consisting of Moonshine UV frogs, Carlson blk white glows, and FLT war machine was decent.

Sandy Shootout morning... My Dad, Brother, and good buddy Tommy Lombardozzi hit the lake.We knew the east side had fish, but seemed to lack in quality needed for the 4 fish box. We rolled the dice and went west ( plus the wind was supposed to crank wsw). Set up in 120 and worked west towards the oak. At 1130 am we only had a hand full of bites with a decent fish, a 13#, and a 6# in the cooler.....marks were diving out of the rigs and our spoon program was basically in the crapper... Changed over to all Spinny flies and Minion meat rigs. We managed some good quality bites including a tyee that is sitting in first place in the LOC board. The big girl hit the diver pulling a uv hammertime with a mirage minion Twinkie rig...familiar bite meat also. In the end we weighed around 85 lbs and took 3rd.

The old saying "you don't leave fish to find fish" rang true today. We found some fish ...most of the day they were negative. We waited them out and kept hitting them in the head until we ground out the bites....

I would like to thank Legacy Rob Westcott ( Hunter too) Gambler Brian Gambell, Matt Daphne ( Jakeybaby) and the other volunteers who make the Sandy Creek Shootout a great event.... Thanks again boys... See ya next year.f5b2c187c73d17c2b6c5170393016fa2.jpgpost-139783-14693177621246_thumb.jpgpost-139783-14693177675392_thumb.jpg

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Nice work Matt. Those 30# kings make those 20# kings look like babies. You were right to go west. Fished braddocks most of the morning and while the fish were there we could not find any size. I know a couple of guys did just not us. Great job on the tournament to all involved!!

Good fishing,


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Thanks for the kind words guys... The Sandy Creek Shootout is the Biggest "Little" tournament of the year. 47 boats says something about how hard these guys work to bring an event to Monroe County. With the good king bite recently, it was anybody's ball game. I'm not a tourney guy, but this is a cool event with no pressure.

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