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Legacy- 2017 Deer Season


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November 9 am
37 degrees
South wind 5-8 mph
Party cloudy

Another picture perfect November morning to be in the woods. Plenty of deer on their feet. 2 shooters seen this morning along with 3 young bucks and 6 does and fawns. I moved a stand today on the same so I could hunt in a northerly wind instead of south wind I hung it for. Crunch time!

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Baldness I think is a testosterone thing. A couple of years ago I shot a buck and went to move it by grabbing it by the mane. I fell over backwards with huge clumps of fur in my hand. WTF. So I tried again and duplicated the feat. I could have dry plucked that deer in 5 minutes. 

Maybe that’s what I have, too much testosterone!! Lol [emoji23]

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Lots of action this morning.Saw at least 12 doe. By far the most I have seen at any spot I have hunted so far.3 young bucks were relentless chasing them around.At 1030 they all must have been tired out all action stopped.Stayed in my stand till 330 and had to leave.I almost got to my truck and I see a little doe standing.I scanned the area about 10' from her I see a nice buck laying down.He is about 40 yards from me up wind with his back to me.I creep up to 30 yards one branch in the way took one step to my right now I have a clear shot.The little doe busts me and takes off the buck stands up turns around and locks right on me.I froze he gave me the stare down for like 5 min. seamed like an hour.Game over he took off.  

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Hey guys, i don't mean to clutter the forum with non-hunting posts, but i wanted to follow up with an update. A lot of you were aware of my newborn son needing major surgery after birth at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. He was born Monday morning, and went into surgery this morning st 9:45. Surgery lasted about 3 hours and was extremely successful (even more so than the doctors and surgeons thought possible). Just wanted to thank everyone that sent prayers and well wishes our way, it was very much appreciated! Our son Lincoln is back in the NICU where he will remain over the next few weeks for recovery.

Thanks again, and congratulations to everyone that has harvested something so far this season. Now I've got a lot of reading to get caught up on the thread!!


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God Bless Guppy! That's a little tough to look at, I am thrilled all went well. I have 3 boys myself. Great Bucks last week with your family! Congrats to all who have scored! Jakey baby Matt....not a Monster?? That's a bruiser!! Congrats! I shot a Buck myself yesterday @4:30 pm, 






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Got in the stand about 10 minutes ago, got up at 2am to leave from Albany to my new spot near Macedon. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it on time when exit 34-41 of the thruway was covered in snow and near white out conditions. Happy I did because minus the wind this morning seems about perfect.

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Great deer Andy! Congrats! Nice being able to drink hot coffee and look at the wind blow from inside! But I gota admit, feels weird not being in a tree, wish I was! It prime time right now! More and more shooter's will fall in the next few days before they lock down, so stay on them guys the big boys are on the move. First time I think I've said this but can't wait for gun season.

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Wow, take a day off to hunt and look at what's happened! First, that's fantastic news on the surgery! Best wishes for your son's fast recovery.


On the home front, our favorite mechanic Tommy is recovering well from heart transplant surgery and will likely be moved from ICU onto the cardiac wing soon. I know that everyone wishes him all the best.


To Matt and all the guys who scored in the past two days: Nice. It's definitely go-time now. Keep us updated on what DEC says about that deer. I'd be really cautious if there's a visible infection; unfortunately, I think that you have to surrender the deer if you want a new tag. 


I spent most of the day in the woods yesterday with a two-hour time out mid-day to let the body unwind. In the morning I saw four bucks, two doe and two fawns and my buddy forester Gary Koplun from DEC saw three bucks. No shooters. In the evening I saw every buck we'd seen in the morning and more. In fact, I saw three scrubs come out together and spread wide to work one area. Never seen bucks work like that before. I think first that they're bedded in the uncut corn and coming out at 3 pm en masse, as I saw seven between 3-4 and none after. And second, if anybody remembers from this thread a couple years ago, the local fruit farm shot >70 deer the first year we owned the property. That would make the following year's brood 1 1/2 year olds now, which may be why we're seeing so many more small bucks than previously.


It looks like a little bit of snow on the ground this morning. The winds suck, but it could make this weekend interesting.

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