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Hardwater report !!


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Sodus lol...


We were down at the 'oye yesterday evening and Jim told me you'd posted these, so I looked around but we must have just missed you. The evening was spent jigging for walleye with no love, but I did see a few schools of crappie come by ten feet up and managed to entice one with the jigging rap. He's still there, swimming happily. 


It will probably turn on gangbusters two days before the ice becomes unsafe.


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2 hours ago, EsoxAC3 said:

Uggg. Thought we would be on 8” by now....:. This early thaw appears to be sticking around for a while. Come on arctic blast!!!🤞🤞emoji120.pngemoji120.png

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Ive got so many new things to try. Does not look like we will get out for another 2 weeks. Might have to drive pretty far soon.

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