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Hardwater report !!


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I live close to the ponds like Gambler and Longspurs and have checked them through 45 yrs! Hate to admit that! This year seems to be different than anything I can remember.  They should be solid from one end to another. These large pot holes are new to me. Wind, currents, and our up down temps different than most years. This just means that I should have the boat ready :smile:

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22 hours ago, Lucky13 said:

I have not seen SUNY Bingo in 40 years!  Study of deer effects on reforestation should be easy right out back in what used to be the nature preserve.   I’ve been planning to go down and visit a classmate who just moved back to Binghamton after 40 years on the west coast, but the roller coaster weather has kept me off the roads.

Gambler points out the runoff, please remember that there are very few waterbodies around with a population concentrations upstream like the Greece ponds, and Monroe County and towns are the road salt capital of the world.  Another possible factor is that the ponds iced over early, and then got that insulating blanket of snow, while some of the later freezers got good exposure to the deep freezes..  But two year old sewage has been reduced to CO2 and H20 a long time ago.  I would suggest that this would be a good question to pose to our friends out at SUNY Brockport, the Env Sci bunch is always looking for good questions for graduate students to answer.



I work at the University.... I'll be the tour guide

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Hit silver today they had a tournament so I got in . Had a horrible time getting a flag and swung and missed on one, and had two other drops. But I did end up landing on top of some very nice size gills very unexpected. Ended up taking second place in the pan fish division!! Some nice Pike caught out there today!! IMG_20190302_143751.jpegIMG_20190302_142447.jpegIMG_20190302_141454.jpegIMG_20190302_140708.jpeg

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wrong pic i had in post
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