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How Many Downriggers do You Run ?

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I recently bought a new boat with a 200 HP outboard. My previous boat was an I/O and I ran 3 downriggers one in the middle and 2 outdowns with 4' booms, A center downrigger is not an option on the new boat due to the height of the outboard. Should I buy a 4th downrigger, and run one straight back on each corner along with my existing outdowns ? Is this enought distance between the downriggers to avoid tangles? My other option is to eliminate the third downrigger and just run the two outdowns.

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i fish lake erie for walleye. i run 2 riggers 1 off each corner at a 45% angle out the side. then i run lite bite slide divers out the side. these are about the same as a standard dipsy diver. if i still fished salmon i would stick with 2 riggers 1 on each corner out the side but set at a 45% angle to the back and 4 divers with 2 on each side. i would run a standard diver in the front then i would either run a magnum or a slide diver with the 7 oz conversion kit in the back. you can use the slide part of the diver if you want longer leads. but i tie to the front arm just like a dipsy then tie a 7' leader to the back. this way you have the front diver set on 3 for your high diver and the back diver set on 1 for your deep diver.

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