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Braddocks 6/22

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6 for 7 for us. 220-230' was where we caught em. 75' down was 52 degrees. 300 and 400 steel were best for us, no hits on f/f. 

Moonshine half moon bad toad got 4 of them, mostly smaller fish today but 2 were in the low teens.  

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Fished 60 to 80 for Browns. 70 feet was best with riggers down 50 and 60 doing most of the damage. Solo trip, also had a dypsy out that never moved. 
Fished 730 to 1130 and boarded 16 Browns and two small kings. Pirate Crystalina mags did most of the fish. 
Most 4 to six pounds, couple around 8 or 9. 






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Set two riggers. Deep one was an NK mag black and green with a white belly. 
Second 10 feet up was the Pirate. Pirate was slamming so I put down the second. Ended up pulling the dypsy, it was just in the way. Had doubles twice and being solo and no autopilot I just go with the flow. 
Was running 2.0 to 2.5 at the ball. 

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