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3 Rod Rule Possible news.


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This was a reply from my email, from my State Senator Tom Libous, We have at least 1 on our side lets keep it going.

December 23, 2009


Thanks for your email asking me about the “three rod rule†for Lake Ontario. Thanks for following up with me too. Nothing came of the three-rod rule for Lake Ontario yet.

My staff and I have done quite a bit of research on this rule to see what we’ll need to do to change it. We needed to confirm that Canada and the feds won’t need to get involved. So that’s why I’ve taken so long to respond.

The rule you’re referring to applies everywhere in the State and is part of the Environmental Conservation Law; meaning that it can only be changed by legislation.

I’ve asked my Legislative Director, Aaron Martin, to draft and introduce a bill amending the Law from two rods per person to three.

I’ve also dug up an online petition that you can sign, if you haven’t already, at http://www.petitiononline.com/3rrolo/petition.html.

Don’t hesitate to check in with me about this bill’s status next year. I’ll need your help to get it through the Senate and the Assembly.

Best holiday wishes,



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Would this be exclusive to LO or would it be NY wide?


Right now the petition is only for Lake Ontario but I would like it state wide also seen as I don't fish LO. This is a good place to start. The LO boys are going to need the support from the rest of us if this has any chance at all.

I'm #264, jumped on this awhile back.

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Greg,Cyn and I also received the letter from Senator Libous.Tom is one of the most influential person in Albany.With him onboard,we have a start.As this proposed change needs to go through the House and Senate,we need to keep contacting our representives.Especially helpful would be input from our friends from Mass,Vermont,NJ,Ohio,Penn.and any other out of stater that travels to NYS to fish.Our letter from Senator Libous was answered and our lettter to our Assemblywomen has been sent.Happy Holidays to all........Zeke & Cyn(Strike 3)

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Good work LongLine, (Tom B.) I thought they could just cross out the 2 and make it a 3 in the rule book but I guess if it were that easy a lot of people wouldn't have jobs. Hope they can make it a reality. Should a public option of 4 rods be included so they can concede something to end up with 3 rods? :clap:

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