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"CATCH of a LIFETIME" FairHaven

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Saturday was a "Blow Off" day at Fairahven with 6 - 8 footers. So I decided to walk the beach to see what i could find. Little did i know it would change my day. I found a Canadian Military Air to Surface "projectile". It was labled if found call Police or Military, Hazerdous Material Do Not Handle. So naturally i picked it up and brought it back to camp for a photo shoot. I then called a Coast Guard friend of mine who instructed me to call 911. i spent the next 2 hours with the State Troopers while we waited for the BOMB SQUAD to come and pick up the item. It was probably the most eventful "blow off" day i could of had and sure as hell beat doing yard work.

Here is the internet link that describes what I found:

http://www.navy.forces.gc.ca/marpac/4/4 ... asp?id=691






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Holy crap, my buddy and I found three of those about 20 years ago while walking Russell Station creek. I think we just threw one over the creek and joked about it, stupid kids! Someone must have brought them back there from the beach.

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