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4/6 on the oak awesome day

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Did the oak shakedown at 8 am. Trolled west and found ourselves heading east then picked a cookie cutter that spit the hook at the back of the boat. Decided to continue West again. Very glad we did found good color water and picked up a slob! 24.5 lb Brown complete monster went straight to the taxidermy.(weighed by narbys) then the mess came we hit a triple with a snag.:( landed two but decided ideas best to back up to the snag instead of leaving 600' of line in the water for props.we ended up getting rocked off the lake due to winds at 1:30 but went 5-7 all browns one 24.5 lbs and couple cookie cutters with two12lbers.




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I was just saying the other day that this lake is going to start producing some 20+ lb Browns because of the Gobies getting gobbled up!


Congrats and thanks for verifying what I have been thinking!!! 


I think we are going to see more and more of that over the coming months and years.

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